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Monthly Meetings

We meet the first Saturday of each month at the UMKC School of Nursing Building located at 2464 Charlotte, KC MO 64108, from 9am until Noon. We provide a continental breakfast and a snack prior to the girls leaving. Transportation is provided on a limited basis.

Each month has a theme and the day begins with affirmations led by our Junior Advisory Board.

Our senior and junior girls spend time each month in the computer lab researching colleges, admissions requirements, applying for scholarships, and exploring career paths.

The sophomore girls focus on high graduation requirements, ACT/SAT preparations, exploring career paths and the educational requirements for those careers. The freshman girls focus on high school life, graduation requirements including the required number of credits to graduate and community service requirements.

All the girls participate in an annual community service project. We also encourage participation in extra curricular activities and to start early researching colleges.

During our monthly sessions, participants will:

  • Establish short and long-term goals
  • Learn various life skills; emphasize self worth, self confidence, self care, and success in life
  • Learn the values of education and economic self-sufficiency
  • Arrange college, junior college, and vocational school visits and shadow days
  • Preparation for college and vocational school
  • Investigate financial aide opportunities
  • Receive assistance with college applications, school and scholarship essays, government and financial aid forms
  • Receive assistance with tutoring and preparing for ACT and SAT tests
  • Learn about financial management, stability and saving skills
  • Explore career interests and examine opportunities available in those fields of interest via job shadowing
  • Assistance in employment placement, college enrollment or vocational training
  • Create and continue commitments to volunteer to satisfy graduation requirements, community needs, and services
  • Learn the importance of health, nutrition and exercise
  • Learn to value diversity.